Train indoors. Play outdoors.

Your first two classes are FREE! Check the Schedule link for class times.


POINT is one year old!  We officially opened our doors on November 1, 2013.  Come celebrate with us on November 15th for a special POINT Birthday workout at 9:00am, followed by coffee and snacks.  It’s FREE and anyone is welcome!  Sign up here!

Portland Outdoor Indoor Nutrition & Training provides group classes centered around building strength, agility, power, speed, and endurance. We do not train just for the sake of fitness – we want anyone to be able to attend a POINT class and know that it will enhance your performance in whatever your athletic endeavors may be OR just prepare you to tackle whatever everyday life throws your way. In an average session expect to push, pull, squat, lunge, twist, and explode. We promise you it will be hard, we promise it will hurt, and we promise it will provide you with the functional strength and mobility you need to thrive. Additionally, we assure you that you will immediately become part of a like-minded community full of support and motivation that will offer you no other option than success.