Climbing RopeHow would your life be different if:
You felt strong and agile enough to try any new sport without excuses?
You could keep up with your kids all day and still have energy left for yourself after bedtime?
You realized your health directly impacts the community you live in?

Welcome to Portland Outdoor Indoor Nutrition & Training (POINT). We are Kimberly Alexander and Melissa Sher, two self-proclaimed “adventure-seekers” and avid participants in the wide world of the outdoors. We created POINT after the realization that, in order to train appropriately for our various sports and life activities, we would need multiple memberships at various training studios around town. With the thought that there should exist just one place where we could achieve this, POINT came to life.  

Our vision is founded on a simple truth: Our bodies are meant to do work – to be powerful and expend energy. But we’re not talking about the work at the gym; POINT is not the main event. We do not work out just to “be fit” or to “look good.”  Our efforts at POINT ready our bodies for functionality in everyday life, in sport, and also in things we cannot anticipate. We use indoor training as an instrument to bring to life our outdoor passions and make the ability to excel in any activity accessible to anyone. With this as our platform, there is never any “end-goal.” The work we do at POINT is a process; not a product.

At POINT you will find community, camaraderie, and accountability. Together we develop a strong connection to the world and all that it has to offer.

PDXT – A strength & agility class that provides phenomenal cross-training and endurance for your current athletic endeavors
PDXFit – A strength & power class centered around olympic lifting, gymnastic movement, and metabolic conditioning
PDXhale – A yoga class focusing on the needs of athletes. Taught using Ashtanga and Vinyasa principles, expect to gain strength, flexibility, and body-awareness.
Personal & Partner Training See Training tab for details


Expect to be challenged … Expect to improve … Expect it to hurt … Expect to be supported and motivated … Expect it to be awesome!